iDual Products

The many colours of iDual is the perfect solution and addition to your home. Plug, point and play.

Each moment has its light

Introducing iDual

We are committed to supply quality lighting products for all consumer needs and increase retail sales. We are in a position to build brand loyalty and awareness by pursuit of quality at competitive price points.

Discover the new mood in lighting with iDual. Change the colour of your lights depending on your mood or environment with this cost effective solution.

The remote control allows you to change the light to over 750 colours at the touch of a button. The remote also works with one or all of your iDual products.

Just Point and Click!

The range includes: globes, downlights, spotlights, ceiling lamps, portable lights and outdoor lighting.

One Remote For All iDual Lights

High Color Rendering Index for vivid and comfortable white.
Smooth transitions for fluid light effect when alternating whites and colours.
Dynamic actions and scenes with gradual light steps and refined color changing atmospheres.

A full collection of lamps and luminaires, indoor and outdoor:


Select your color temperature and light intensity according to the need of your moment.

Dynamic Scenes

Transform your home and lift your mood with colorful or relaxing lighting scenarios.


Adjust light intensity smoothly, from your sofa, from your bed.



Simplicity is our promise to you with the iDual LED lighting system. Replace your existing lights with those from our vast collection, point at them with our remote control and enjoy a whole host of interesting and useful light features.

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