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Introducing Max


We will continue pushing boundaries in home intelligence, comfort and control technology to help everyone shine a light on harm, protect their families, and make home a personal sanctuary.

94% of Children will sleep through the sound of a Smoke Alarm or Carbon Monoxide Alarm **

44% of Adults will also have difficulty awakeing to the same alarm.

** Parents should not rely on their children waking to the smoke alarm in the event of a fire – (Fire and Materials 2012 36.339-348, D. Bruck and I.R. Thomas, Victoria University, Australia)

The Protector is a humble authority and a beacon of intelligence. His presence commands respect and supplies comfort. He is your trusted ally by day and your guiding light in the dark. Ever prepared, the Protector stays ahead of every situation, ready to guide you to safety at a moment’s notice. His quiet confidence gives families peace of mind knowing they are safer and more secure in their homes.

Sleep tight…
MAX the Protector is looking out for you.

  • Night Lights

Friendly Like a companion that is always there to comfort and care for our well-being
Intelligent Always alert to provide insights and observations beyond human detection
Confident Like a seasoned fire chief in the midst of chaos
Humble Respecting and honoring the significance of every life
Comforting Like a family member watching over you


Our Capabilities

Max’s product features are intentionally designed to integrate seamlessly into our customers’ lifestyles. We are a brand that endeavors to cherish and protect the things and people that are most valuable to you.

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Smart Applications

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